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Members of the Society, VII SOFIME Congress, Barcelona 2016


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There are two kinds of members of SOFIME: honorary and regular members, the latter chosen by the General Assembly for their relevant contribution to the Society.The regular members have the following rights:
a) To take part to all activity organised by the Society;
b) To benefit from all the advantages gained by the Society;
c) To participate in the General Assembly with freedom of speech and right to vote;
d) To elect and be elected to any position of the Society;
e) To receive information about any agreement reached by the Directive Council;
f) To make suggestions to the Directive Council for a better achievement of the Society’s aims.

The regular members have also the following duties:
a) To enact the statute and any agreement adopted by the General Assembly and the Directive Council;
b) To pay the established yearly fee;
c) To participate in the General Assembly and any further event organised by the Society;
d) To carry out any obligations of the position they are appointed to.

To become a member of Sociedad de Filosofía Medieval a letter of presentation from a member is required. The annual fee is 35 euros (regular members) and 20 euros (students)

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