General Assembly

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The General Assembly is the supreme government body of the Society, and it is composed by all members of SOFIME. There are two kinds of meeting of the General Assembly: the ordinary and the extraordinary meetings. The ordinary meetings take place at least once per year, while the extraordinary meetings are convened by the President, the Directive Council, or when the tenth part of the overall members proposes so. The General Assembly has the following faculties:

a) To approve the Directive Council’s management;
b) To examine and approve the yearly budget;
c) To appoint the members of the Directive Council;
d) To establish ordinary and extraordinary fees;
e) To dissolve the Society;
f) To modify the statute;
g) To dispose or alienate the Society’s properties;
h) To grant a remuneration for the members of the representative bodies of the Society;
i) To perform any duty which is not exclusive of the other administrative bodies of SOFIME.