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The Society for Medieval Philosophy (SOFIME) is an academic society founded in Zaragoza on the occasion of the Ist National Conference of Medieval Philosophy (Zaragoza, 12-14 December 1990). Since 1993 SOFIME edits the Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval (REFIME), an indexed academic peer reviewed journal printed by the University of Zaragoza Press.

SOFIME’s main goal focuses on the research of the Iberian Medieval thought and the transmission of medieval knowledge to the Western Europe, by promoting conferences, colloquia and scientific meetings, such as the national and international conferences held every four years since the 1990.

As a member of the Fédération Internationale des Instituts d’Études Medievales (FIDEM), SOFIME collaborates and participates in the international conferences and colloquia organised by the FIDEM.

Most of our members belong to the Société Internationale pour l’Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale (SIEPM) and/or the Sociedad Latinoamericana de Filosofía Medieval, holding a consolidated structure of international relations with scholars from the main universities and academic institutions of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Even when the majority of SOFIME members are researchers and academics from the Spain, Portugal and Latin American Universities, the Society welcomes independent professionals and High School teachers involved in the study of Medieval thought.