Research Grant

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Research Grant
for a Critical Edition of a Medieval Latin Text

(Deadline 30 September 2017) 

The National Edition of Medieval Latin Texts of Italy (Edizione nazionale dei testi mediolatini d’Italia – ENTMI), was established by Article 4, Law of 23 September 2011 n. 169, with the purpose of curating critical editions of Latin texts written in Italy between the fifth and fifteenth centuries. 

In order to support the research necessary to prepare critical editions, ENTMI offers a post-doctoral research grant for a scholar who at the time of application is not employed (including fixed-term or permanent contracts, in the public or private sector), holds no research grant at the doctoral or post-doctoral level, and has no equivalent source of income. The research grant is intended to fund the completion of a critical edition of a text that falls within the scope of ENTMI and will subsequently be published by ENTMI. 

The amount of the grant is € 20,000.00 euros (twenty-thousand euros/00), inclusive of legal obligations. It is one year long in duration, and awarded exclusively for the completion of a work of edition that has already been started. The project of edition must fulfill the following criteria: high quality, substantial, and feasible. The grant is allocated in four trimestrial instalments, based on the starting date. The administrative management of the grant is carried out by the Società internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo latino (S.I.S.M.E.L.) on behalf of ENTMI, in accordance with the agreement of 20 January 2017. 

Applications must be received at the email address by 30 September 2017 at the latest, together with the following supporting documents: 

curriculum vitae, including name, address, and title of doctoral research project; 

– a plan for the edition with an indication of current stage of progress, a timetable for completion of the work, and materials already produced in connection with the planned edition; 

– a letter of presentation from a respected scholar in the field of medieval Latin; 

– self-certification in which the applicant states that he or she is not bound by an employment contract, whether fixed-term or permanent, for a public or private sector employer, nor in possession of a research grant or doctoral/post-doctoral grant, nor in receipt of any equivalent source of income. 

The application and supporting documents, which must be furnished in digital form only, can be written in Italian, French, English, Spanish, or German. In addition to the application and supporting documents, on which the project will be evaluated, applicants may submit, if they wish, a hardcopy of their publications and doctoral thesis, to the following address: 

Edizione nazionale dei testi mediolatini d’Italia c/o SISMEL, 

via Montebello 7, I-50123 Firenze. 

Publications ENTMI receives will not be returned. They will be transferred to the ENTMI collection at the Library of Medieval Culture at S.I.S.M.E.L for conservation and consultation. 

The recipient of the grant will be chosen based on an evaluation carried out by a commission made up of three members nominated by ENTMI’s Scientific Board. 

The grant will be conferred on the condition of: 1) carrying out the edition, 2) submission of progress reports every three months, 3) delivery, by the end of the year, of a completed critical edition. 

When the grant is awarded, ENTMI’s Scientific Board will nominate a reviewer for the edition, who will follow the work of the grant recipient towards the completion of the edition. The grant allocation may be interrupted if the Scientific Board of ENTMI judges the work insufficient, on the basis of the designated reviewer’s report. The grant may be interrupted at any phase of the work, but will not entail reimbursement of funds already allocated. 

In the case of verified, temporary obstacles to carrying out the work that do not depend on the will of the grantee, ENTMI’s Scientific Board may decide to defer the deadline for submission of the critical edition, for up to twelve months, with a corresponding suspension of the allocation of funds. At the end of the postponement, the Scientific Board will evaluate the conditions for the completion of the work. 

If upon receipt of the submitted work the Scientific Board, on the advice of the designated reviewer, decides not to approve the work for publication, the grant recipient will be informed of the final deadline, established by the Board, for carrying out the necessary modifications on the basis of the criteria indicated by the designated reviewer. Once this deadline has been reached, the Scientific Board will take a final decision on whether to publish the work in the ENTMI imprint. Should the work not be published, allocated funds will not have to be returned. 

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